Complimentary Chauffeur Service

We know the importance of visits from loved ones. We also know that busy schedules and transportation constraints can sometimes make those visits impractical or difficult.
We’ve never let challenges stand in the way of ensuring our residents’ happiness and wellbeing.

Meet Drive™, our unique chauffeur service, yet another customer-oriented initiative we’ve created with convenience in mind. With Drive™, memorable visits from friends and family members are just a phone call away! We’re happy to offer you complimentary pickup and drop-off service for your loved ones so you can make those special visits happen—smoothly and easily. You set up the time; we’ll take care of the rest.

Drive™ visits can be arranged with the help of your personal Concierge, who can give you full details about this unique chauffeur program.
Our Drive™ service is also available for a no-obligation, VIP tour of our facilities. If you’d like to see whether our skilled-nursing facility is right for you or a loved one, we’ll schedule a complimentary chauffeur pickup and drop-off any time that’s convenient for you—day or night. Simply call our Front Desk at 978.388.4682 and we’ll be happy to arrange your visit.