Recreational Services

Recreation Just the Way You Like It!

At Watertown Health Center, you’ll discover a vibrant environment that promotes physical, mental and spiritual wellbeing with every activity choice. Our wide range of exercise programs are more than just about working up a sweat; they are designed to invigorate and enrich the body, mind and soul.

From religious services to special programming for veterans, we offer a colorful variety of recreational activities to suit each resident. Some love our book club and learning groups; others join our low-impact aerobics classes, musical events, or intergenerational programming. Whatever your interest, the art of good living is never a spectator sport at Watertown!

Beyond our exciting in-house programming, we also love taking our residents out on the town. From ballgames to restaurants, matinees, and other excursions around the city, it’s clear that Watertown residents live life to the fullest!

Sensory Support Programming

Therapeutic Programming

Cultural Events

Culinary Programs

Community-Based Events

Off-Campus Outings